InVenture is Medtronic Diabetes' crowdsource innovation program where Inventors (Employees) can submit ideas on product and/or service improvements to meet patients where they are in their diabetes journey. Inventors then market their ideas to Inventors (their colleagues) to gain CrowdCash (votes). The top six ideas are then funded and developed through the rest of the year.


With Quarantine, explore new digital mediums (email gifs, AR filters) to improve program engagement

Create animated video outlining the steps of the program

Create graphics for live Webinars and Digital events


Early1900s, Wright Brothers


CrowdCash Design

Character Sketch

Inventor Design

Investor Design

Step-By-Step Animated video

Storyboard Iterations

Final Video

Email Gifs

Email Gifs Sketches

Finished Gifs


Prelaunch Teaser

Program Launch Graphics

Zoom Background for Winners Announcement


Ideascale Vertical Banner

Augmented Reality

other projects

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